Github’s Octocat was designed by Simon Oxley, alongside the white bird Twitter used (before they received a proper logo) as part of a usual routine of cranking out images for iStock. GitHub saw it, and wanted it, presumably under the notion that it can represent how complex code combines to create peculiar things, much like the octopuss… except the CEO of GitHub called it an octocat, and it has been the octocat since [via].

Octocat is Github’s logo and trademark and here is used to illustrate a fictional character (John Smith) that used the { Personal } Jekyll Theme to build his website.

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15 Sep 2018 . Vim . Vim Debugging Comments


This blog post is the occasion for me to gather my thoughts about my debugging experience while coding which mainly takes place in Vim. The goal is to define the problems of the current workflow and design possible solutions to these problems.

Current Debugging Workflow

I mainly code in python, c and c++. Therefore, I use pdb, gdb or lldb to debug the program that I write. My current workflow is very simple and consists of opening a vertical split with a Vim or Neovim terminal buffer and run the debugged program in that buffer....

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